Michelin Retread Technologies



  • 295/80 R22.5
  • 305/70 R22.5
  • 315/70 R22.5
  • 315/80 R22.5
Long distance



    Up to +15% mileage vs. previous RECAMIC XDA2 Energy (1).
    Lower fuel consumption vs previous RECAMIC XDA2 Energy (1).


    Low fuel consumption range.
    70% of raw materials saved for a retreaded tyre versus newly manufactured tyre (2).
    50kg less waste to recycle in average thanks to retreading (2).


    Delta and TowerPump sipes for good braking and motricity on slippery roads.
    Thermal test : -19 degrees versus RECAMIC S60 XDA2 Energy (3).
    Convex Tread for S60 Line D to reduce overheating in the shoulder area.
    (1) Results based on internal simulation tool and internal rolling resistance test done by Michelin in June 2020 comparing the RECAMIC Line D versus RECAMIC XDA2 Energy 270mm tread width retreaded in 315/70R 22.5. Results may vary according to road and weather conditions (2) For more details see website trucks.michelin.eu (3) Internal study done at Michelin research center in June 2020 – Thermal Test – comparing the RECAMIC S60 Line D 260mm tread width versus RECAMIC S60 XDA2 Energy 260mm tread width retreaded in 295/60R 22.5 .Results may vary according to road and weather conditions